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Pompei Collection

The Pompeii collection, inspired by discoveries in the House of the Perfumer's garden, embarks on an intriguing olfactory journey, echoing the scents of Agathon's ointments for Roman aristocracy.
This journey offers seven exclusive fragrances that unveil different worlds.
It starts with bright citrus notes, moves through intense aromatic herbs and sweet fig nuances, and culminates in precious woods and spices.
These scents, reminiscent of the legendary Pompeian perfumer's creations, are reborn with remarkable uniqueness, thanks to top-quality raw materials and meticulous technical experimentation.
Giardino di Ercole, Rossopompeiano, Castiamanti, 195a.C., Fauno, Adone and Sileno are the seven distinct universes available to discover.
Each of them pertains to a specific place, situation or figure capable of evoking the cultural fervour, traditions and atmosphere of Pompeii, without ever losing sight of its contemporary and innovative spin.

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