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Nestled in a symbolic corner of the mythical Vesuvian city lies The Garden of Hercules and it is from this very location that this fragrance gets its name; one of Agatho Parfum’s most popular fragrances and the crowning glory of the new and refined Pompei Collection.

In this invigorating essence, set apart by an expert combination of spicy and smoky notes, the high-end ingredients once used in the fine creations of legendary Perfumer Agatho are brought to life once more as an immortal symbol of an indissoluble bond between charm-filled tradition and bold innovation.


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In his inebriating scent-filled workshop, perfumer Agatho is absorbed in his work, as his expert hands seem almost to flit over the fine ointments.

The same respect for artistry is shown as he fills his palms with bergamot, combines it with the aromatic delicacy of lavender, the subtle acidity of rhubarb and the balsamic warmth of juniper berries.

Carried away in a somewhat enthusiastic stupor, the perfumer begins to shape a rich, spicy heart, in which the contaminations of his travels find pride of place.

The warm, amber scents of incense and black pepper are added, followed by a velvety and exquisitely pungent hint of saffron and allspice.

Just like vibrant drops of dew, the ingredients settle on a tenacious oriental base of patchouli, labdanum and sandalwood, as they await transformation into a mythical immortal sap, thanks to the phenomenal vigour of the marble Hercules statue that overlooks the garden.

The Agatho Giardino di Ercole fragrance embodies a refined, energetic and slightly smoky fragrance.

It is presented in a distinctive soft silk-lined wooden box, complete with a stunning fine porcelain cap, which has been designed and manufactured according to Italian tradition and artistic research.

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