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The wild, indomitable and mysterious Fauno is just one of the seven luxurious fragrances that make up the magnificent Pompei line.

This balsamic yet playful Agatho Parfum fragrance is further enriched with fresh citrus notes and subtle leather accords that recall the fully unbridled exuberance of nature and its magical inhabitants, such as the faun.

The Agatho Fauno fragrance – which epitomises the unstoppable power of instinct – is an invitation to leave reality behind and enter a dreamlike dimension in which one's best-hidden instincts and most taboo passions are awakened.


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The bronze Faun statue is brought to life in legendary Pompei, shrouded in a smoky, mystical incense and warm tobacco leaves.

This irrepressible awakening, lashed by a citrus zephyr of grapefruit, bergamot, sweet orange and magnolia, is driven by the impetus of mugwort: a symbol of the uncontainable predatory nature of fauns, who are called upon to seduce defenceless woodland creatures.

It is here that the hypnotic notes of clary sage are thrown into an impalpable limbo – suspended between wakefulness and abandonment – in which an overwhelming succession of dreams and nightmares arises from the spicy allspice hints and intense tuberose.

The Fauno labyrinth winds its way through the bewitching darkness, in which only the most daring souls will venture, whilst being enveloped in the inebriating essence of jasmine and the wild scents of juniper berries and petitgrain.

The spell is only complete once the intriguing and seductive amber, patchouli, frankincense and cedar wood notes take to the stage, thanks to Agatho Parfum's master craftsmanship and this undisputed luxury Italian perfumery masterpiece.

The fragrance is housed in a regal bottle, stowed inside a silk-lined wooden box, complete with a stunning fine porcelain cap, which has been designed and manufactured according to Italian tradition and artistic research.

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