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Agatho Parfum bolsters its exclusive Pompei line with Adone: a fresh, luminous and passionate fragrance that encapsulates the legendary brilliance of a young man – Adonis (Adone in Italian) – once loved by Aphrodite, which is destined to fleetingly blossom before fading away, just like a rare gem of ephemeral beauty.

Citrus, floral and woody notes are released in an unbreakable embrace, in which the impetus of an overwhelming passion gives way to the eternal memory of an unconditional love marked by a fatal epilogue.

With its Adone fragrance, Agatho Parfum reaffirms itself as an absolute excellence when it comes to luxury Italian perfumery.


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The ardent and ominous love between young Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite blossoms on a succession of seductive fruity chords that enclose cassis and irrepressibly vibrant grapefruit.

Like a light flutter of wings, a surprising blend of joyful citrus notes and sparkling pink pepper unfolds towards a pulsating floral heart.

It is here that the daytime brightness of white lily alternates with the nocturnal intensity of jasmine, culminating in a quivering enchantment, sealed by the sweet geranium and enveloping wisteria.

However, the will of the gods furiously cut short the life of Adonis, who is resurrected in the petals of the inebriating Damask rose, created from the warm tears that flowed from Aphrodite as she mourned her beloved.

This dazzling fragrance is enhanced by a soft and sensual, lingering base that symbolises the infallible memory of this mythical goddess whose suffering will endure to the end.

Agatho Adone finds pride of place in a refined wooden box with a soft silk lining.

The fragrance itself is housed in a precious bottle, topped with a stunning fine porcelain cap, which has been designed and manufactured according to Italian tradition and artistic research.

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