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195 a.C.

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Besides being one of the seven iconic essences in the Pompei line, 195.a.C. is also one of Agatho Parfum’s best-loved fragrances.

The Maison pays homage to the historically symbolic year in which the Lex Oppia – a law aimed at restricting female prosperity and wealth – was abolished.

The year 195 BC – marked by an irrepressible awakening of the senses and a renewed celebration of the luxuries and pleasures of life – is epitomised by the emergence of a sage harmony of citrus, herbaceous and woody notes, in which all the joy and vibrance of fig is released: a symbol of humanity eager to fully experience its rebirth.


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195 a.C.

This Pompeian garden is about to flourish once more as it welcomes the triumph of divine beauty over the man-made toxicity of Lex Oppia.

A light citrus breeze of bergamot and lemon tickles the bare skin, restoring its vigour, whilst the green mint and red pomegranate – the prelude to a bright new dawn – combine with light fig leaves to release sparkling herbaceous notes, able to reawaken senses that have been left dormant for far too long.

This vibrant renaissance heads towards a crescendo and is ready to culminate in an enchanting song, which resonates in the nighttime-reminiscent heart notes consisting of seductive jasmine, balsamic cardamom and festive fig: an authentic celebration of a regained freedom that should be cherished like a precious gem.

The fragrance is enhanced by a bold woody base, in which noble and enveloping accords of leather, oud, cedar wood, patchouli, cashmere wood and styrax dance around the mysterious oriental incense and black tea scents, which prompt us towards new, unexplored horizons. 195.a.C., the undisputed best-selling Agatho Parfum fragrance, is presented in an elegant silk-lined wooden box and topped with a stunning fine porcelain cap, which has been designed and manufactured according to Italian tradition and artistic researcha

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