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Ancient distant lands and lush Mediterranean gardens are awakened with Sileno: one of the seven bewitching fragrances in the Pompei line and an extraordinary masterpiece as far as Agatho Parfum’s niche perfumery is concerned.

Wild woodland scents are bathed in fresh marine accents, lulled by Silenus’ enchanting music and awakened by the inescapable call of nature.

With its Sileno fragrance, Agatho Parfum invites you to try your hand at the noble art of otium and depart for the types of unspoilt places only ever described in poetry. 


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A sweet melody pervades the streets of ancient Pompei, teasing the fragrant orange leaves with the slightest touch and tickling the pleasantly sweet blackcurrant shrubs.

As the fresh herbaceous notes diffuse further, nature falls under Silenus’ spell and feels at ease.

As the tension builds, the rustic god begins his story, accompanied by a hypnotic symphony of Sichuan pepper and ylang-ylang notes – a nostalgic echo of the remote Eastern lands that fully preserve the flavour of this man's countless travels.

A seer who chooses not to share his gift and is happy to be carried away by the gaiety of wine and delve into arcane dimensions imbued with magically complex ginger root.

Sileno fragrance comes in signature packaging: it rests on a soft silk bed, enclosed inside a fine wooden box.

The bottle – a true symbol of luxury Italian perfumery – is decorated with a stunning fine porcelain cap, which has been designed and manufactured according to Italian tradition and artistic research.

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